Officers & Directors
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VAS Board of Directors

The VAS Board of Directors includes a diverse group of individuals from all across the state of Virginia who have served the organization through dedicated service. 

2017 Board of Directors includes:

Ed Dodd, Jr.


First Vice President
Kevin Shreiner


Second Vice President
Gary M. Faulhaber


Kevin Wood




Region I Director
Christopher Jensen



Region II Director
Alison Hanson



Region III Director
Robert Mann



Region IV Director
Jessica Nash


Past President
Michael Starling



NSPS Director
David L. Holland


 2017 Committees      
Committee Chair Members  
 Affiliate Beverly Kiernan Cherry Ed Dodd  
 APELSCIDLA Dave Gardy Steve Stephenson  
 Awards Chris Jensen Ed Dodd  
 Budget Gary Faulhaber
Kevin Wood
 Certified Survey Technician David Holland    
 Constitution & By-Laws Doug Richmond    
 Convention Ed Dodd Dave Gardy, Michael Starling, Kevin Shreiner, Gary Faulhaber, Chip Richardson, Beverly Kiernan Cherry, Sally Palatiello  
 Council of Past Presidents Dave Gardy All Past Presidents  
 Directory Gary Faulhaber  Gary Faulhaber  
 Education Chip Richardson Alison Hanson, Gary Faulhaber,   
Educational Supplement Fund Dave Gardy Jessica Nash, Ed Dodd, Chris Jensen, Alison Hanson, Kevin Wood,   
 Educational Trust Page Cockrell Will Nash, Chip Richardson, Doug Richmond, Chuck Dunlap, Gary Faulhaber,    
 Ethics & Practice Kevin Shreiner David Holland, John Sehl  
 Geocaching David Holland Brent Evans, Jamie Pruett, Steve Ellinger, Yeoanny Venetsanos, Rob Mann, Brian Siner, Stuart Dunn, Troy Williams, Eric Garner, Matthew T. Mosteller  
Highway & Right-of-Way Liaison Ken Carlton    
 Historical Michael Starling Gary Faulhaber  
 Legislative Will Nash Bruce Frederick, Doug Richmond, Michael Starling  
 Long Range Planning Dave Gardy Ed Dodd, Kevin Shreiner, Gary Faulhaber, Dave Holland, Michael Starling  
 Membership Vickie McEntire Gary Faulhaber, Chris Jensen  
 Miss Utility Liaison Chip Richardson    
 Old Dominion Surveyor Kevin Shreiner    
 PAC Bruce Frederick Dave Gardy, Gary Faulhaber  
 Public Relations Alison Hanson    
 Standards of Practice Kevin Shreiner    
 Trig Star Jessica Nash Dave Holland, Brent Evans, Jamie Pruett, Steve Ellinger, Eric Garner, Yeoanny Venetsanos, Matthew T. Mosteller, Rob Mann, Brian Siner, Stuart Dunn, Troy Williams  
 University Liaison
Ed Dodd Steve Douty  
 VAMLIS Doug Richmond Kevin Shreiner  
 VGIN Doug Richmond Kevin Shreiner  
 Workforce Development Steve Douty Dave Holland, Michael Starling  

2017 Chapter

All Chapter Presidents are also VAS Directors. Click the chapter name to find out more information about that chapter.

Saundra O'Connell
Bull Run Chapter

Garland Deitz
Central Chapter

David Jordan
Monticello Chapter

Yeoanny Venetsanos
Mount Vernon Chapter

Stephen Letchford
Peninsula Chapter

Brian Siner 
Rappahannock Chapter

Stuart Dunn 
Shenandoah Chapter

Aaron Dooley
Southern Chapter

Judy Beale
Tidewater Chapter

Matthew T. Mosteller
Western Chapter