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Become a Licensed Land Surveyor with the John Foster School

Monday, May 28, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chip Richardson
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The John Foster School was started twelve years ago to provide a comprehensive review opportunity for persons preparing for the NCEES Fundamentals of Surveying Exam (FS), the Principles of Surveying (PS) Exam and the Virginia Specific Exam.

For the twelve years, the school has been held on a college campus to concentrate on the subjects being taught and promote a level of serious learning and study. The college campus also allows students to stay overnight on-campus at a reduced rate versus a hotel room.

The format of the school is that both licensing exams are taught in separate classrooms over the course of four days. Instructors cover the subjects that are critical to a student passing his or her state exam. However, the format of the instruction is a “review” of topics and subjects that the student should already be aware of and possibly have studied on his or her own. Thirty-two hours of instruction over four days is not nearly enough time for the instructor to go into in-depth instruction on each subject. The Instructor highlights their own known subjects that will be on the exam and offers his or her input on how to answer those questions.

The VAS Education Committee has been very lucky over the last twelve years to have a professional and knowledgeable group of individuals willing to teach young person’s preparing for their state licensing exams. Many of them have taught for many years. They have the sincere best interest of the students in mind.

In the twelve years that the Education Committee, the Surveyor’s Foundation, and the Educational Trust have supported the John Foster School, we have seen over three hundred students go through the school. From the reports we have received back from the students, we believe a very large percentage have gone on to be practicing licensed land surveyors in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

If you'd like to sign up for the John Foster School or apply for a scholarship, click here. The registration deadline for the scholarship is July 10, 2018. While the registration deadline for the course is July 16, 2018.