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Surveying the New County

Monday, August 13, 2018   (0 Comments)
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In 1786 it became evident that there was not enough land south of the Ohio for Virginia to give to her veterans of the Revolutionary War in lieu of cash for their service. The Commonwealth of Virginia opened up her lands north of the Ohio for settlement. Before settlers could claim their new homesteads in the Ohio territory the land needed to be surveyed so that there were not arguments over property lines. A private was to receive 200 acres; a non-commissioned officer, 400 acres; a Lieutenant, 2,000 acres; a Captain, 3,000 acres; a Colonel, 5,000 acres; a Brigadier General, 10,000 acres; and a Major General, 15,000 acres. By 1787 surveyors were busy on the lands that would be Adams, Clermont, and Brown Counties. 

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