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Letter from Editor - October Edition by Kevin Wood, ODS Editor and VAS Second Vice President

Tuesday, October 30, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Khea Adams
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Relationships with employees. Each surveyor works differently with each of their employees. Interactions that we have in our office prepare staff for work each day. Some of these meetings are calm and some are not. What brings the best progress? The people we work around are individuals that will work on projects in a manner that we request, but given the opportunity, each of them may improve on what we know.

How do we approach others so that they respond with ambition and new ideas? Ask them questions. Make them part of the solutions. Allow them to create and move forward on ideas. Maybe, hand over projects and let that person build a resume. These ideas seem great, but how do we respond when the prized employee turns their back on us and moves on? Maybe the employee carries a few others with them. We can be angry, or we can grow. What questions should we ask ourselves as a person and as a company?

The perfect employee may not fit because they had other ideas of perfection. Maybe another employee caused the move. Either way the current staff and you need to move on and make the best out of the situation. How the manager handles this situation may decide on future decisions the current employees might make. I saw a recent article that discussed the “stay interview” instead of the “exit interview”.  Maybe this is the time to talk to each employee and make sure the work setting is appropriate.

It is my opinion that as we respect our employees, they also owe a similar respect to the employers. Once the company puts the effort into building that employee they should devote some time toward helping build the company. The current work force is a little too transient and does not abide by long term dedication. You deal with the market as it is, and this is the new normal. Relationships may not be as long term and defined as they were in the past but there are more of them. The modern surveyor has contacts in many other firms because of past employees.

The market also drives us to hire and work with different individuals because they are available, and we need the work completed on a large project or a technically advanced project. The hiring process is less selective and more by necessity. It is still the goal to hire the right person for the job and hopefully someone that us, the staff and our Clients can get along with. Each hire should be considered carefully because you must work and grow your business around that person. Will this person grow, will they learn from feedback, will they be able to teach others? The question is no longer about will they stay but rather how can we grow together while you are here.