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Clermont Survey Day 2018 - By Ben Brashers

Wednesday, October 31, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Khea Adams
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On Saturday, October 20th the Clarke County Historical Association and the Clermont Foundation hosted the second annual Clermont Survey Day at historic Clermont Farm in Berryville, Virginia.  This event is held in October to commemorate the survey of Clermont Farm on October 19, 1750 by a young 18-year old surveyor named George Washington.  Clermont Farm is a 355-acre property that is identified as one of Clarke County’s oldest farms.  It is currently owned by the Virginia Department of Historical Resources, and contains several historic structures that are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmark Register.

          On a crisp fall day in the Shenandoah Valley, Bob Stieg of the Clermont Foundation began the presentation with a discussion of a 1756 survey of a 36-acre tract for Thomas Wadlington, the owner of Clermont Farm at that time.  Wadlington purchased this property in order to construct a store along one of the main east-west wagon roads in this area.  Mr. Stieg discussed the survey of this tract and it’s relationship with current archaeological activities to discover the historic location of Wadlington’s Store.  Surveyors Historical Society members Duane Brown and Chas Langelan, dressed in period attire, discussed and demonstrated 18th century surveying techniques that would have been utilized to survey this tract and by young George Washington during his survey of Clermont Farm 268 years earlier.  Virginia Association of Surveyors member Ben Brashears joined Langelan and Brown to discuss modern surveying equipment and techniques used by land surveyors today.  In addition to the demonstrations, there were displays of historical surveying instruments and equipment, modern surveying instruments and equipment, and historical maps.

          Several other members of the Surveyors Historical Society and the Virginia Association of Surveyors were in attendance to support and assist with the activities. P. Duane "Doc" Brown and Chas Langelan lead the historical surveying demonstration, Scot W. Marsh showed current technology, and Chapter Chair Ben Brashers helped coordinate the VAS participation. John "JB" Byrd of the VAS staff, a Clark County resident, attended and took photographs . The program was highly successful and well attended.