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Letter from Editor - November Edition

Monday, November 26, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Letter from Editor - November Edition by Kevin Woo
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The Winter season is coming to the area. It means more weather, less daylight and fewer chances to complete projects. How does a manager keep the bottom line moving forward when the revenue is going down and the non-billable efforts are rising? Maybe this is the correct time for training and team building efforts.

The idea of spending more money when you have less work is hard to stomach. Training creates a more experienced staff, but also grows the dedication of the staff. Such training does not need to be out of the office. Create an environment that allows senior management to train junior staff. The question is what the training should include. The quick answer might be to train on technology that is used by the company. Does that work? Surely it leads to employees with better knowledge of how to complete projects. The may lead to more profits for the company.

Certain research shows that training does lead to profit. That training is not necessarily technology training. The research shows that employees, need to understand the business of the client. An informed employee knows how to create a deliverable that matches the needs of his client. This type of training leads to more business and higher profit.

So, it appears that the employee training may require some research. The employee will need to know what the client does. If that is construction, then maybe your company should understand what type of construction your client focuses on for his projects. If it is land development, then what type of property is he looking for and what is the developer’s favorite type of development. The employee may need to meet your client. This may create a relationship that builds trust and possible future work. Maybe this meeting is not required, but maybe you will need to meet with your client and ask some questions. This leads to a better understanding of your client and your company is able to support the client’s business a little better in the future.


Kevin B. Wood, LS

VAS 2nd VP