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Letter from Editor- December Edition

Friday, December 14, 2018   (1 Comments)
Posted by: Kevin Wood
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ODS Letter from the Editor-December 2018

Merry Christmas from the VAS. I thought that I would step outside of the normal lines of surveying and discuss the season through one of my yearly obsessions, Christmas tree sales.


I coordinate with the men of my church to sell the Christmas trees to raise money for different missions that we support. Our group is on its 41st year of selling trees and we have used the same Pennsylvania tree farm during the entirety of those years. The sales are spread out over 10-15 days and requires a great deal of volunteer effort. Just like in the VAS, it is tough to get people to volunteer their spare time. The 2018 Christmas tree sales had a good year with participation, but it could always be better.

So, what made the effort successful? We talked directly to volunteers about participation. It does appear that emails and announcements will not get through to people. They still need someone to come up to them personally and make requests for time. We needed to make sure that our schedule was setup in a way that the volunteers could know when they should be there and when they could leave. We were sensitive to their remaining schedules. We tried to get enough help so that volunteers would not have to work so hard while they spent their time at the tree lot.

All of this led to 50 people helping to unload 513 trees in less than an hour. It also led to selling those same 513 trees in 10 days (350 in the first 4 days). We talked to men from other churches and we reached out to neighbors to make this happen.

The VAS always needs people to participate. We need more surveyors to be a part of the events and meetings. This will be the way that we grow as an association. I think that we can take a lesson from the Christmas tree lot. Talk directly to other surveyors. Ask them to come out and participate at an event. Ask the people in your office to join you for the next general membership meeting. Maybe the event is not always exciting, but more participation leads to better discussions and events grow

and change with the different members taking part. The work in the VAS should is setup to be divided amongst different members of the board and those on each committee. New VAS members should understand what opportunities they have and what tasks are available for them to participate. The VAS needs to work on our recruiting skills and part of it means talking to people and explaining what is involved with the association. So, reach out to your survey friends and invite them to participate in something that you believe is important. Explain the reasons you like to participate and what it means to our profession.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Kevin B. Wood, LS
VAS Second VP



Gary M. Faulhaber LS RLS says...
Posted Saturday, January 5, 2019
Nicely said and a great read Mr. 2nd VP ... Happy New Year!