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From the Editor - January Edition

Friday, January 25, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kevin Wood
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I am looking at a blank Word document on the screen and trying to figure out what to talk about for the first month of 2019. The weather is very cold and we are expecting warmer temperatures, but more rain. That seems to be the typical run so far this winter for our area. Some of you are also seeing snow and ice. Either condition means that crews are not working on the projects that we need completed. That leads to additional schedule and possibly additional budget if we are not careful. What happens to the crew in this situation? Do they go home or do they stay around and try to take care of certain tasks in or for the office?

Maybe this is a good time to implement some training. There are plenty of online sources if you do not have time to work with the training directly. Maybe certain senior field staff can help train a junior person. It might be an opportunity to start working with a senior staff person on transition to the office. Some of you use this time to get necessary research completed. It also is a good time to take care of vehicle or equipment maintenance. It might be interesting to know what others do in these situations. The field staff takes the brunt of the burden in time lost during poor weather conditions and in most cases, they are the ones that can least afford it.   

The time spent training might build for the future as well as current field morale. The person sent to the field is the first contact on a site and probably the most knowledgeable about the site. The more they understand the better that field assessment can be.

There are several online programs for study from colleges. If you search the internet there are also sites to look up training for Land Surveying. Some companies have their own online courses that are only a couple hours in duration. The local vendors also have some online training for certain hardware or software that they offer. The VAS has talked about offering seminars that relate activity of the technical members. The VAS is currently offering an Exam Study in March. This will be held in Richmond and more information is on the VAS web site.

If you can bring some of your technicians or other staff to the Convention in April, then everyone wins. The Convention still needs sponsors and we hope that the attendance will be increased. The dates are April 24th – 27th and it will be in Herndon, Virginia. A CST Exam Prep is being offered this is a great opportunity to allow your staff to get to know other Surveyors and take a seminar The exhibit hall is already sold out. Check the VAS website, as the program will be announced and registration will. So invite a friend or invite someone in your office.


Kevin B. Wood, LS

VAS 2nd VP, ODS Editor