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Letter from Editor- April Edition

Tuesday, April 16, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kevin Wood
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My time as an editor for the Old Dominion Surveyor (ODS) will end shortly. My task to coordinate with others to prepare a newsletter for each month has been rewarding. Thank you Khea. Khea Adams of our VAS staff truly puts the newsletter together. Her patience to wait for me has been appreciated. I tried to create articles about items that are not only current, but maybe helpful to others. The luxury of moving the editor to the next 2nd Vice President is that you, the reader, may wait out someone whose articles you do not enjoy, but look forward to the next person’s point of view. This time as editor allowed me to value any reaction to an article. Reading the ODS and making comments is important. As with other parts of our life, participation will build the ODS to another level. Alison Hanson will bring a new light on the ODS and I am sure a better creative touch. I look forward to her insight in the surveying community and will certainly provide my support in any way I can. The main thing will be to read and respond to her article.

What next then? My year will be certainly be filled with planning and building a convention for 2020. My goal is to make this event my own while maintaining the standards of the VAS. I hope all of you will talk to me about how this convention can be created to better serve the needs of surveyors in your community. I am certainly looking at the 2019 as a guide to 2020.

I also hope to better serve the President in the coming year. I may see some of you at your Chapter meetings or possibly report from conventions in other states. This will be a great opportunity to gain a better feel for what is needed in our VAS. Gary will do a great job and I am sure attend all that he can during his term so any support I can lend will be offered. I still participate in the Tidewater Chapter events and hope to see growth there as well. I do wish to thank that Chapter for the support is provides to the VAS across the State.

So, until the convention next week I hope all of you enjoy the Easter break and savor the time with family and friends.


Kevin B. Wood, LS

VAS 2nd Vice President