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Monday, February 12, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kevin B. Wood, LS
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I am writing during my stint at the North Carolina State Surveyors Conference, in Asheville. Our President, Kevin Shreiner, invited someone on the board to attend the event in his absence and I accepted the invitation. My first thought was the drive was a lot for just a short visit. It is a long drive, about 6.5 hours without a stop from Virginia Beach, but not a bad drive. In fact, I look forward to the return trip so that I might be able to see all the country side I passed in the dark on the trip down. My check-in to the hotel ended in an invitation to the hospitality room. It was well received after the long drive. It was also, a great way to see another part of the process at work. My tenure as 2nd Vice President is the start of planning for the 2020 Convention. I am paying close attention to what North Carolina is doing because they seem to be attracting a great crowd.

My first full day at the convention included some time meeting the North Carolina Surveyors, talking to Vendors, introducing myself similar guest from other state associations, attending a few short presentations and presenting a short review of Virginia’s work to the North Carolina membership. I will end the day with the banquet this evening. Many Surveyors have welcomed me to the event and eagerly discussed how Virginia’s activity compares with North Carolina’s progress on similar issues. A few points about the North Carolina Conference:

  • Approximately 300 people registered for the North Carolina Conference. This is nearly double the amount that currently attend our events.
  • Thursday included several half day seminars, but Friday is full of short seminars. Some as short as one-half hour. Surveyors mingled around the exhibit hall as others sat in open areas listening to the seminars. All of it took place in the same hall.
  • The surveyors had a logo on their badge that allowed the instructor to scan and give them credit if they wished to take the hour for the short seminar. Otherwise you could sit in for free.
  • The membership meeting is on Friday during lunch. It is also in the same hall as the exhibits.
  • The lunch, and included membership meeting, was attended by everyone at the convention as far I could tell.
  • The board meeting is on Saturday morning.

The Membership meeting revealed that North Carolina is fighting some of the same issues that Virginia is going through. North Carolina has done a great deal of legislative work for some different reasons then Virginia, but I think we all understand the complications of playing the political game now. North Carolina created a technician membership some time ago and they now have almost 150 technician members. The executive staff stated that some of those technician members are starting to take classes just because they are interested in the subject matter. I was able to meet with the association members from Georgia, Tennessee and of course Leland who is the current President of the North Carolina society.

This is a great event and I recommend that others take the time to attend in the future. I took a few pictures to help you feel the presence of the event. One is the lunch/membership meeting and the other shows the open exhibit hall.

This trip convinced me that participation will help build our profession. So, take the time and be a part of your Chapter. Attend the State events and make the profession an important part of your career. We will all benefit tomorrow from what each of us does today.