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It's National Surveyors Week and it's a great time to participate GPS on Bench Marks

Tuesday, March 13, 2018   (0 Comments)
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It's National Surveyors Week and it's a great time to participate GPS on Bench Marks. Read below for details from the NGS page on how you can get involved.

What is GPS on Bench Marks?
GPS on Bench Marks seeks to improve the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS):
Recover: Look up the description of an existing bench mark and visit the bench mark of your choice.
Observe: Record field notes, take digital photos, and collect GPS observations or coordinates for the bench mark you visit.
Report: Use online tools to send the information to NGS.

Currently there are over 400,000 bench marks across the Conterminous United States (CONUS), Alaska, Hawaii and all U.S. territories. Tidal marks and bench marks are used for determining heights. Use the maps to prioritize which bench marks to observe.

Who can participate?
Anyone with Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled phones, hand held devices or survey-grade GPS receivers can participate. Recommended procedures vary depending on the type of equipment used.

When should I start?
You can collect and share information any time. Join volunteer efforts across the United States in celebration of National Surveyors Week beginning March 19, 2017. Contact your  NGS geodetic advisor to learn about projects being planned in your local area.

For specific information on how to help please visit the RecoverObserve, and Report web pages that have instructions. Other resources include  Hunting for Marks!.

Why does this matter?
By providing GPS on bench marks today you can help NGS improve the next hybrid geoid model, increasing access to NAVD 88, and enabling conversions to the new vertical datum in 2022. You can also help the local surveying community know about nearby marks by improving scaled horizontal positions and updating the mark condition or description by submitting a mark recovery.

For more details on the NGS national effort click here.
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To choose a mark to observe click here.
Watch the one-hour NGS webinar on the 2018 program here.
You'll find Frank Lenik's paper on the 2018 efforts here.

Visit the NSPS National Surveyors Week page, click here.