2018 Annual Convention - Session Description
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    Session Descriptions
Thursday, January 18    
    Educational Session #1
10:00 AM-
12:00 PM
  Reasonable Suspicion
    Presented by: Janet Scarcelli, Triad Engineering

This session, geared toward managers & supervisors, will educate you on how to recognize workplace signs & symptoms of alcohol abuse and controlled substances.  You will learn how to identify the signs of impairment as they relate to the workplace, and give you legal steps for intervention.

2 CEUs/PDHs Awarded
    Educational Session #2
1:00 PM-
5:00 PM
  Personal Communication Skills/Marketing for Small to Medium Firms
    Presented by:  Marvin Miller, PLS, PPS, SP

How well you communicate can make or break your professional image. This course is designed to give participants a solid foundation in essential communication skills and competencies. Topics may include interpersonal communications, public speaking, how to prepare effective presentations, interviews, performance evaluations, importance of body language, conflict resolution, and strategies on communicating with diplomacy, tact, and credibility. Individual communication styles and how to recognize them and manage/communicate with those persons through practice sessions and role plays will provide participants the confidence to keep their careers moving ahead.

Ineffective or no marketing can significantly limit the success of any company. The purpose of this course is to present the importance of a well-structured marketing plan regardless of company size. The discussion will include current principles and knowledge needed to optimize marketing efforts and deliver bottom-line contributions to any organization. Specifically, discussion topics may include: marketing fundamentals, how to create brand loyalty, developing a marketing strategy, leveraging social media to engage clients and build brand, marketing budgets, strategic marketing to bulletproof the competition.

4 CEUs/PDHs Awarded
Friday, January 19    
    Educational Session #3
8:00 AM-
5:00 PM
  The Why of Safety
    Presented by: Derrick Barnhill,Woolpert

Most realize the value of safety but are the specifics that create the foundation for a long lasting safety culture ever identified?  We must never forget the essential reason behind safety-human life.  In these sessions we will look at effective ways to live safe. We will hear from those who did not take safety seriously, either from a personal or professional view and the consequences that followed. We will hear a first-hand account of what it is like to live through a company fatality. We will be reminded of some of the industry-related regulations but more importantly we will be encouraged to see the need to embrace them. Join me in a quest to further understand the why of safety.

8 CEUs/PDHs Awarded
    Special Session
1:00 PM-
3:00 PM
  Basic First Aid for Surveyors in the Field
    Instructor: Chris Buehren, Accumark Safety Officer, Ashland, Virginia; Henrico County Fire Department.

This safety and first aid class will be geared towards the surveyor and survey personnel working in the field on a regular basis.

Topics to be covered are basic First aid, environmental concerns, traffic safety , PPE and much more. This two hours will be dynamic as to allow your personnel to gain some valuable insight as to how to care for themselves and their team while operating in the field. You as employers will know that you are doing your share to keep them safe while they are away on the job !!!!

A certificate of attendance will be handed to all attendees for their own use or for company’s use later.

    Educational Session #4
8:00 AM-
12:00 PM
  VDOT - What's Our Position
    Presented by:  Reed Adams, LS, EIT, VDOT
  Presentation on the current VDOT right of way process;  recent changes to the CAD, Survey & Road Design Manuals;  Plan Reading old & new;  Road safety & work permits;  Contracts;  Technology;  Subsurface utilities;  current statistics & history.

4 CEUs/PDHs Awarded
    Educational Session #5
1:00 PM-
5:00 PM
  Business Ethics
    Presented by:  Marvin Miller, PLS, PPS, SP
    Examines the role and purpose of ethics in business. The objective of this course is to increase the understanding of ethical issues and the responsibilities of  business leaders to be vigilant in implementing policies and procedures that will serve to continually improve corporate ethics, governance, and social responsibility. Case studies will be presented for group discussion.

4 CEUs/PDHs Awarded
Saturday, January 20    
8:00 AM- 12:00 PM   Breakfast & Annual General Membership Meeting