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  • Published five editions of the new, digital version of Old Dominion Surveyor
  • Adopted an implementation plan for the VAS strategic plan
  • Hosted a successful 69th Annual Convention and General Membership Meeting in Herndon/Dulles
  • Worked with the APELSCIDLA Board and the Virginia Department of Health on survey plat requirements
  • Presented the John Foster School to prepare future surveyors
  • Established a new membership benefit - job postings on the VAS website
  • Implemented a Workforce Development initiative to recruit and attract the next generation of surveyors into careers in the profession with presentations at Virginia middle and high schools, the Virginia Department of Education, Virginia Technology and Engineering Education Association (VTEEA)
  • Hosted education seminars on Easements and Rights of Way & Avoiding Boundary Problems - Understanding Survey Reports; Ethics and Professionalism; Tidal Datums; and GIS
  • Advocated for compliance with Virginia law on the practice of surveying photogrammetry before VGIN and APELSCIDLA and sought strengthening of the law before the General Assembly
  • Succeeded in providing a candidate for the APELSCIDLA Board for appointment by Governor McAuliffe
  • Administered Trigstar competitions
  • Presented an Exam Preparation class 
  • Hosted the annual Plat competition
  • Created a new “Technician Member” category of membership
  • Secured a National Surveyors Week proclamation for Virginia from Governor McAuliffe
  • Petitioned the APELSCIDLA Board to review the education requirements for licensed surveyors in Virginia
  • Revitalized the Bull Run Chapter
  • Established a Committee on the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) 2022 to explore potential state legislation and advocacy materials