Educational Supplement Fund
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In 1990 the Virginia Association of Surveyors (VAS) had just finished creating the “Educational Trust”, and the Virginia Surveyors Foundation was actively raising and administering monies in support of education.  Despite these activities there didn’t appear to be a mechanism that allowed VAS membership to make directed contributions to educational endeavors.  We didn’t have a way as members, or as an organization, to designate donations in a smooth timely manner.

At the 1990 annual membership meeting, the Educational Supplement Fund was created.  The Fund is a normal part of the VAS structure and budget, and not a separate entity.

Monies contributed to this fund are a part of VAS finances, and as such fall under the rules of Section 501(c)6 of the IRS code.  In short, donations to the Educational Supplement Fund may be considered as “ordinary and necessary business expense” for tax reporting and deduction.  You should check with your accountant about what this means to you, based on the structure of your business.

Monies that are considered a part of the Fund are administered and distributed by the VAS board of directors at the recommendation of the Educational Supplement Fund committee.  And contributing members may designate the recipient of their contribution.  This means that you can donate to your favorite educational endeavor through the VAS and you get credit AND the VAS gets exposure also.  In past years the VAS Educational Supplement Fund has contributed as little as $1,000 in some years and as much as $20,000 in other years to support surveying education.

Please consider writing a check in support of this fund.

The section of the VAS policy manual (2018) that applies is included below.

The membership of the Educational Supplement Fund Committee is composed of the Immediate Past President (chairman), Educational Supplement Fund-Fund Raising
Committee chairman and the four Regional Directors as voting members. The liaisons to institutions of higher education, as appointed by the Board of Directors, are members of
the committee, but have no voting rights. The committee shall, supplement and support institutions of higher education, the VAS Educational Trust, other educational entities
deemed worthy by the committee, including but not limited to Apprenticeship Programs.


1) Funds received by the committee from January 1 through December 27 shall be distributed at the Annual Convention, Saturday Luncheon.
2) The committee shall make its recommendations on how the undesignated funds are to be distributed to the Board of Directors at the
Winter Board of Directors Meeting for action by the Board.
3) Written request for funds shall be received in the Central Office of VAS or the Chairman of this committee by December 1. These written
request must come directly from the institutions, together with a report of how prior donations by this committee were used and how the
requested money will be used.
4) Donors to this fund shall be allowed to designate where their contributions are distributed.
5) This fund is not intended as a source of revenue for the Trip-Star (sic) Program or intended to supplement the salaries of course instructors.

1) To coordinate with the VAS Chapters and create programs to raise money for the Educational Supplement Fund.

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