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Thank you for your interest in VAS membership. Please review the following member types, select the one appropriate to you and complete the application.

Please note, if you are a current member or were a member in the past two years, and you would like to renew and pay your dues, please sign into the website with your username and password, and click on "Renew Your Membership Now." If you do not know your username or password, please call the VAS office 844-414-1466. You will be allowed to select the type of membership (Regular, Associate, etc.) and chapters as part of the renewal process.  Do not click on "VAS Membership Application" below, as this will create a duplicate record in the database.

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Member Types

Regular Member
A regular member must be licensed in Virginia. Dues include joint membership in NSPS.

An Associate member must have successfully completed the first section of the Virginia Surveyor's Exam 3(a). An Associate Member will be terminated upon the issuance of a Section 54.1-4-license.

An affiliate member shall be an individual representing any company or corporation whose business falls into one of the following categories: (1) Selling or manufacturing of surveying equipment or supplies used by the surveyor in their profession; (2) a service company dealing with reproduction or printing or computing or legal work or instrument repair, etc.; or (3) any other category that in the judgement of the Board of Directors of this Association would be beneficial to the advancement of the surveying profession. An affiliate member shall have no vote in the business of this Association, and it shall be understood that this Association will make no endorsement of the products and/or services of any of the affiliate member.

Non-Commercial Affiliate
A Non-Commercial Affiliate shall be an organization, group, or institution of higher learning which provides service and/or education beneficial to the surveying profession. The Board of Directors, by a two-thirds vote of those voting, shall approve application under this classification. A Non-Commercial Affiliate member shall have no vote in the business of this Association.

A Corresponding Member shall be an individual licensed as a land surveyor in another state who is not licensed as a land surveyor in Virginia. A Corresponding Member shall have no vote in the business of this association.

A technician is an individual who has worked under the supervision of a licensed surveyor for a minimum of two (2) years with the intent of making a career in land surveying. A technician shall have no vote in the business of the Association. Each application shall be reviewed by the Board. Membership as a technician is available only to those not otherwise covered under student or associate membership qualifications.

A Student member may be any student or graduate who is a member of an NSPS Student Chapter. Each application shall be reviewed by the local Chapter of VAS and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

A retired member shall be a regular member in good standing who has attained the age of 57 and who, in the judgement of the Board of Directors, has retired from the active practice of Land Surveying.

 Member Type Annual Dues
 New Regular   $236 (includes one-time initiation fee, NSPS and Legislative Committee Dues)
 Associate   $35
 Affiliate  $55
 Non-Commercial Affiliate  $55
 Corresponding  $75
 Technician  $20
 Student  $5
 Retired  $10


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